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Making the bed for spring


Making the bed for Spring

However you make your bed, chances are you'll switch things up a bit over the year. Whether that's the number of throws at the foot of the bed, the colour of your cushions, or swapping heavier textures for lighter ones.

So, now that spring's arrived (just about), here are a few of the things that we always think about when making our beds during the milder months. 

Start with bed linen 

After choosing your mattress, pillows and duvet the sheets you use are the next most important part. Just think you'll be lying on, and under, them every night, so you want them to feel good against your skin.  Linen is lovely, so is brushed cotton.  It's down to your personal preference.  We sell sheets from Egyptian cotton because we've found that it's the best all-rounder easy to care for and not too crumbled.  It's especially cool and crisp, making getting into bed (or flipping the pillow over) that bit more refreshing.

This article appears in Neptune's Spring Journal.  You can read the full article here.

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