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Larder Love


Larder Love 

Never mind the home spa you can't purchase because it is out of stock or the cinema room and infinity pools showcased in the glossy lifestyle magazine during lockdown.  It's a pantry also known as a larder that's the must have home addition this season.

If you don't have space for an extra room, which is the case for most people a cupboard larder is the choice for you.

We have never been so obsessed with what's in our store cupboards and what we can cook up with what's to hand.  Pinterest searches for "pantry organisation" have increased 60% in the last month while instagram has more than 400,000 posts about them.

Whilst the pantry may have origins in grand country houses, they are actually very accessible for smaller spaces and can be a repurposed utility area, an alcove that could be turned into a small cupboard or a stand-alone piece of furniture. 

There is something comforting about a pantry and creating order in your home. A tidy home, a tidy mind mentality. There is also a certain amount of nostalgia attached to the concept giving cosy and secure feeling about the heart of the home being so organised. They can be tailored to your style and organisational approach and you can even dedicate a Pinterest board to it.

You may decide to have your pantry as a stand-alone feature and paint it in a constricting colour to the rest of your kitchen or colour match it to your existing units. 

A client recently commented that once they had that sense of order, it felt like anything was possible. 

It is larder love! 

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