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Interior Trends: In Focus


Interior Trends: In Focus

Whether you're a fan of trends or not unfortunately there's no escaping them. Whether you follow them or feel, totally unaffected, everything designed for our homes is pre-determined by society's wider trends and influence. 

Looking at everything from in vogue paint colours to the latest furniture must have, brands incorporate these in difference ways and their collections are inspired by the global influence of these trends.

Some trends last lifetime others merely a season, as trends change and evolve so do our tastes at different paces.

Whether you're a leader of a follower or perhaps an observant bystander we look at a few key trends in the Home this Summer. 

The Pantry

We may have heard people talking about stock piling food in the event of a no deal Brexit and I'm not sure it is connected but "The Pantry" is making a come back and is now one of the most desired items in the Kitchen.


Blue and green are two of the go to colours of the season.

Among the most aesthetic green complexions in 2019 are celadon. turquoise, water green (or aqua), sage, apple, anise and almond.

The blues on their part, apart from being inspired by water, are dominated by grey sub-tones. Blue horizon, pigeon blue, denim, blueberry, but also aquamarine and azure are just some of the cool summer options.

Flax Blue is also prominent originating from the Flax, the flower used to make Linen. It blossoms for one day and when it does it is a beautiful blue hence the name Flax Blue.

Metallic Brassware

While you may have thought gold taps belonged to a classical era, gold and rose gold are very much back on trend. Rose gold bathroom décor is featured in current collections from brassware to basin stands and is perfect to bring warmth and a feeling of real luxury to your bathroom.  You can use gold sparingly to give your bathroom just a touch of luxury, or more liberally if you're creating a more opulent space. 


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