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Interior Trends: In Focus


Interior Trends: In Focus

For years chrome has been king, being the supreme and only choice for bathroom brassware.  However, a revolution is taking place with coloured metallic brassware emerging as the an exciting trend in bathroom and interior design. 

You may not immediately think of metallic when we talk about bathrooms, but this is the in trend for autumn 2019.

Decorating your bathroom with metallic finishes is the perfect way to ensure you remain on trend and evoke personality into your bathroom. You don't have to go all out bling and rose gold everything to tick the box, instead statement styling and subtle accents can add a real luxurious feel to otherwise understated surroundings. 

It's important not to go overboard and considering carefully which metallic finishes you use where and how much is key. Perhaps choose one, matt black or rose gold for example and use this consistently throughout.

It doesn't all have to be all about the taps either, coated basins or shower or shower heads can also be added into the mix. 

Embracing brass, bronze, gold or matte black brassware provides a stand-out feature and blends into contemporary or traditional bathroom design whilst also perfectly complementing a monochrome colour scheme.

Conceived as an expression of personality, self-realisation and individual creativity, the new range features a variety of surface colours and patterns that enable the tap to be customised for an individual look.  The product materials can be chosen from AXOR FinishPlus special finishes and various interchangeable plate options, including two glass and four special materials: metal, wood, marble and leather. 

Metallic may not be for you but one thing this trend does is make us look at bathroom design in a completely different light and opens the possibilities for injecting personality and using different materials that were once not considered best placed in the bathroom. 

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