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Make your house a home this Christmas


Ideas and inspiration on how to create the right atmosphere in your home where joyous memories will be made this Christmas.

Is there any other time of the year where your home features more dominantly than at Christmas? From driving home for Christmas to rocking around the Christmas tree, alongside family our homes are very often at the heart of our Christmas celebrations. 

It is at this time of year when we are all looking for inspiration to make our Christmas table stand out or ideas for a new display on the mantlepiece. Perhaps you'll also be looking for the perfect gift or practical items as the Christmas host.

A trend for Christmas this year is focusing on the heritage of Christmas all its nostalgia and family tradition - existing ones or beginning new ones. Even the newest Christmas collections this year have a sense of heritage and familiarity to them as though they could have been in your box of heirloom decorations all along. 


Most will have a preferred colour scheme they use every year adding a few bits over time. However as with all trends Christmas also has one and this year's theme is nostalgia with the on trend colours being midnight blue and aquamarine. 

If you wanted to be on trend but not invest in a whole new set of decorations you could use these colours as theme for your Christmas table or even your wrapping paper under the tree. 


This is a great way of extending your tree's magic to every room. Many artificial garlands are now life-like and stems will look as fresh as when they were first put  out. You can fill vases with gold-dusted berries and traditionally festive sprigs; and adorn doors with wreaths providing a hint of what's to come inside your home.

If you have a staircase in your house this could be an ideal place for greenery, you can decorate steps and spindles again continuing the Christmas theme and extending the promise that the Christmas spirit continues throughout the house.

The stand-out

Your home deserves at least one special Christmas statement decoration. It may not be under your tree it could be a wreath or a particular mantelpiece decoration but the thought of seeing it in your home or on your front door makes you warm inside when you see it. 

The essentials

Hosting for 16? Don't have enough crockery or glassware?  It's the practical aspects of Christmas that bring you back to focus on the essentials. You need crockery and glassware that is going to last, dishwasher friendly but beautiful on your Christmas table. 

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