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Festive ways to decorate your home this Christmas


Festive ways to decorate your home this Christmas

Ways to decorate banisters

Stairs can be one of the most mesmerising places to put Christmas decorations - they're a clear statement of bringing Christmas decorations upstairs rather than keeping them to the confines of sitting rooms and hallways, and it makes you think of the magical element of going to bed on Christmas Eve.

Because you use them all the time, you'll get lots of enjoyment out of seeing them look festive.  Plus, they'll instantly make guests feel welcome with they enter your home.

Ways to use garlands

Long garlands are an effortless way to make stairs look Christmassy - we think green ones look best, as they bring a touch of nature indoors. If you're not sure how many you need, measure the section you want to decorate, tot up how many metres it is as a guide, and then buy one or two extra so you don't end up with gaps, as you'll be winding them round the banisters and spindles. 

Light some candles

Candlelight looks magical on stairs by night.  To be safe - and because it gives an even more festive glow - use tealights in deep holders or artificial lights.  The safest place to put them is on the inside of each tread, where they won't get knocked or stepped in.  And keep them well away from greenery you've got on the banisters. 

Festive scents

One last thing you can do to make your home feel more festive is to fragrance your decorations.  If you're life-like green garlands. adding some real pine or eucalyptus sprigs is one way to do this. 

This is article is taken from the Neptune journal and it can be read in full here


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