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Agave Tequilana set to flower after 30 years?


All eyes are on the lofty and impressive Agave plant which towers nearly 20 feet high in the car park approach to Channel Island Ceramics.

The Agave, a native to the hot and arid regions of Mexico and South Western States of the US only flower every 20 to 30 years and CEO John Litchfield says he has only seen the plant flower bloom once before - nearly 30 years ago.


During flowering, a tall stem or "mast" ("quiote" in Mexico) grows from the center of the leaf rosette and bears a large number of short, tubular flowers. The 'mast' is now about to flower and all eyes are on the plant as once it flowers it will then die off.

Additional suckers are produced from the base of the stem, which become new plants and the whole process can begin again.

Agave tequilana, agave azul or blue agave is used in the production of Tequila, Agave nectar also called agave syrup, is a sweetener derived from the sap and can be used as an alternative to sugar in cooking.


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