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We humans are a creative lot. Even those that shy away from drawing and painting, who were told they lacked a creative flair by an overbearing teacher, have an innate desire to create beautiful things around them.

Creativity is what drives our team at Channel Island Ceramics. We love nothing more than being given the blank canvas of a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, a budget and an aesthetic to work with. Transforming a building site into a space that families can enjoy and feel at home in gives us a warm feeling inside.

The thing about working on interior design projects from start to finish, is that it requires so much of your brain. You need to be able to visualise the space, understand how tiles, units, flooring and lighting will work together (right brain) and implement it to the exact millimetre (left brain). You need both imagination and precision.

We work with some of the best brands in the industry, with materials that make you feel good just being around them. We work with quality and the latest in modern technology – be it ovens with built in wifi you can start preheating on your way home in the car, or toilets that clean themselves.

Together we have worked on more than 200,000 rooms. We have an intimate knowledge of the functionality and look of hundreds of materials and units. Drawing on this experience to work in partnership with our customers and create something beautiful to last a lifetime is what it is all about.


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