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There has to be a room in your home where moments of relaxation, invigoration and mental escapes can fit with ease into your every day routine. We suggest that the bathroom provides that essential space as a place where you can balance your wellbeing and de-stress from the tensions of the day.

Designed properly your bathroom can become its own wellness retreat where you can start and end each day in a calming ambiance. This ensures that you can keep life in balance and ensure that you stay peaceful, happy and healthy.

Use a warm and restful colour scheme and materials such as wood and natural stone to promote relaxation. Equip the room with good, dimmable lighting and a sound system for background music if possible. Spaces with large windows make for wonderful wellness retreats and we recommend placing a freestanding bathtub in front of the window to inspire daily escapes while bathing.

If space allows incorporate a comfortable sitting area to allow you to enjoy quiet time, read or simply drink in the design of the wonderful space you have created.

Channel Island Ceramics can supply all you will need to create your escape,  Come in to our showroom and see the wise variety of options that you have. 





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